What is So Important About Water

Water is a necessity in our lives, but it is also sometimes neglected. But why? Perhaps our water appears to be dirty, or maybe it gives off a strange odor? Whatever the reason, you can always go to your local supermarket and pick up clean, purified water. So I don’t get enough water, who cares, right? Wrong. Drinking your suggested amount of water (6-8 cups) can have optimal health benefits. First of all, nearly every cell in the human body relies on water to complete their everyday tasks. Not only that, but water can also aid in digestion, weight loss, joint lubrication, and our overall well being. Water can also help increase energy, and promote a healthy lifestyle. It’s a hot, sunny day.

You’re cutting the grass, or doing some work in the garden. Suddenly you feel dizzy, fatigued, and lightheaded. This is all because, you’ve guessed it, dehydration. Being dehydrated can seriously limit our work ethic, and is just not healthy at all Did you know that when we are not properly hydrated can make a 20-30% difference in our work performance?

If you knew that out bodies are made up of nearly 70% water then this would not be hard to believe at all It’s true, almost 70% of the human body is made up of water. So what does this mean? Well, this means that your water consumption is extremely important to your overall health and well being. Okay, I got it, so I’ll head down to my local creek and indulge. Not so fast. It is very important to only drink purified, clean water. The waters of many lakes, streams, and rivers are often full of microorganisms, pathogens, and parasites alike.

Also PCB (Poly chlorinated phenylalanine) and mercury are hazardous to humans. One way to clean drinking water from a lake or stream is to boil it, but I would just recommend going to the supermarket to buy purified water. Another option is at your own house, tap water. Some areas have well water, which often tastes odd and looks displeasing. It is important for you to ask around the area, the locals will often be happy to tell you if the water quality is good or bad. You could also buy a water quality testing kit, or a filter. There are so many water filters out there, some will even attach right to the faucet, most are great quality so do some research and take your pick. Remember, expensive isn’t always the best. Purified water should be one of our biggest concerns, and should be treated like one

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