Pure Water Resources

Water resources are the sources of water and this includes streams, rainwater, underground water. Rain water is usually harvested and tapped using clean equipments. On collecting this water, it should be treated with water guard and other preservatives to keep the bacterias off. This would be the most effective resource for clean water because the harvested rain water can be used for drinking, agriculture, cooking, cleaning utensils and also for making coolants.

Secondly clean water can be obtained from underground sources. Geographically its believed that there is usually a water table underground. The water seeps through the soil to reach the water table beneath, this water is usually very clean and with a lot of mineral contents and hence it should be pumped upwards to the surface using some special pumps i.e. A borehole can be dug or one can pump the water using the upcoming water pumps. This water can be used for agriculture as well as for human and domestic consumption. The water can also be pumped into conservation tanks where it should be stored and treated with the proper treatment to avoid contamination.

Thirdly another source of clean water is from the streams. This streams emerge from mountains which contains ice and it flows from high grounds to low grounds due to the force. This water resource can also emerge from underground and on getting onto the ground it flows in a stream. The streams themselves deposits its water to the oceans or seas. This clean water can be utilized by avoiding effluents from the factories and other industries and also avoiding any other form of pollutant into the stream. We can also construct dams on this waters where proper treatment should be carried out to make the water more safe for human and other domestic uses. The government should place high penalties or restrict people from contaminating this stream. The stream waters can also be used for agriculture.

Water can be made clean by boiling it to 100 degrees centigrade. This kills all the bacterias that are present but its important to note that the water is not clean. This is because when water is boiled the dirt is still there and therefore for the water to be made clean and safe it should be evaporated and then the water vapor should be trapped by a cool surface. This process is called distillation of water. This is usually the most excellent method according to my own perception.

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